no shame here.

July 16, 2010

Some women treat buying condoms like robbing a bank.  They scan the store to see who’s in there, make sure it’s no one they know, tuck the box beneath one of the other 14 items they’re purchasing (all of which are purely props), make the purchase, and get the hell out of there as fast as humanly possible – probably with a getaway car idling out in the parking lot.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less who sees me making this purchase (except for maybe my mother… that would be weird.  And, I’m pretty sure she still hasn’t recovered from finding my birth control in my suitcase that weekend I was visiting from college. )  In fact, I kind of see it as empowering and sexy.  No, I don’t wave them around in the store, or wear a big sandwich board with the words “IM HAVING SEX” written on it, but I’m not ashamed. 

It’s 2010.  I like sex.  I’m being safe about it.  What’s the big f-ing deal?

We all know you can’t rely on men to BYOC.  Let’s face it, men are pretty damn unreliable.  (Hell, I couldn’t even get my ex to remember to pick up pasta sauce on his way home from the office.)  I’m not about to stop in the middle of whatever’s goin down to run out to 7-11 to pick some up, either.  I’m a believer in always having them on hand and always within an arm’s length of my bed.

The last time a dude was tryin’ to get a piece of all this sans rubber outterwear, I told him “hey, I like sex… but AIDS is for hookers” and that was that.

So listen up, ladies.  Quit your cowering in the “family planning” aisle.  March right into your local Wegman’s and make that purchase with your chest out and your head held high, ’cause you’re taking your body and your life into your OWN hands, and that is something that we all ought to be pretty damn proud of.

So can I get a “hell yeah”?



5 Responses to “no shame here.”

  1. Rox Says:

    Hell Yeah! Speaking of which I have two tucked into my purse, because you never know!

  2. OG Says:

    I wish more women would put in this kind of effort – now the question is do you take the time to read all of the boxes or do you do your research before hand?

  3. I’m totally with you. We should not be embarassed in the slightest. However. I don’t buy them myself. I figure. I’m already fucking paying for birth control…pedicures…lip venom and an assortment of other makeup…the 9 different products I use in my hair…and since I’m a cheap date (I don’t drink) I think any fella who has a shot to get in my past can at the very least…pay for my diet coke and a pack of magnums (I like to think positive 😉

  4. citygal Says:

    Hell yeah! I have no shame in buying condoms, lube, whatever I need to have on hand when I stumble home from the bar with a random dude. That never happens though.

  5. Arika L. Says:

    I agree!! I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of purchasing condoms 🙂 The last time I checked AIDS ARE REAL and why would you be ashamed of purchasing something that can protect you!!! Soooo wrap it up! And everyone who is a condom purchaser SHOULD be proud of their mature decision to save lives :)…Condoms save lives one day at a time!!!

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