not just construction workers.

July 1, 2010

I think I could probably write a book of all the weird things men do or love that make absolutely zero sense to me – farting under the covers, the attraction to girl-on-girl action, and naming body parts (just to name a few).

But what has continued to blow my mind more than anything over the last several years is WHY men feel the need to hoot and holler things to women on the street.  I honestly don’t get it.

I’ll be all hot and sweaty, with my hair pulled up in a ratty ponytail, minding my own business while walking the dog down the street… then I’ll feel the presence of a car slowing down beside me.  “Hey Baby, where you headed?” or perhaps even more puzzling is the “Woot woot” cat call done while the car is speeding by.

Has this EVER worked for men?  Have there EVER been any successful relationships that have started from this sort of contact?  Is there a woman out there that would respond to this with a “Oh hello! I really appreciated the way you so sweetly called out to me from your car.  No, I wasn’t aware of how nice my ass looked today, so thanks for pointing it out! Would you like to get a drink?”  Are there any statistics on this?  If not, can we start keeping statistics on this?  I feel like this is something we need to track.

You know, I can almost understand or excuse this if it is done by a carload full of young men. Oh ha ha, it’s so funny… and they all laugh and exchange high-fives.  But for a middle-aged man to do this while driving alone (probably on his way to pick up his kids from soccer practice or something), is just downright weird.  What is the freakin POINT?

Still puzzled,



5 Responses to “not just construction workers.”

  1. citygal Says:

    This is ironic as I JUST got hit on by a man with a boombox. He was like, “Damn you look good.” My reply: “I know.” Then I heard him mutter, “You don’t look that good.” haha Men are all really 15-years-old no matter what their “real” age is 😉

  2. jenthefrog Says:

    This is really funny, because I just got hit on in an awkward way on my way home from work today. I had the sunroof open and a guy sitting up in a huuuuge truck looked down through my sunroof and was like, ‘are you Miss Piggy?’ and I shot him a dirty look until he was like, ‘well, I saw the frog on your dashboard!’. First of all, creepy that he was looking IN my car [I wonder what he was looking for.. creep]. Second of all, ew!. :/ SO not classy!

  3. OG Says:

    Not that I’m trying to justify this stuff, because I think it’s wrong and would like to meet the women who go for this type of thing. But I think it’s primal…you know, whoever grunts the loudest gets the hottest cavewomen

  4. qwithouttheu Says:

    Primal or not, it would be awesome if men could control their urge to shout pleasantries while I’m PICKING UP THE DOG’S POOP. Sigh… oh, men…

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